Friday, September 12, 2008

Centella asiatica / Kudangal / Gotu kola / Penniwort

Botanical Name :Centella asiatica
English :Gotu kola / Pennywort
It grows along ditches and in low wet areas, The stems are slender, creeping stolons, green to reddish green in color, interconnecting one plant to another.

It is a brain tonic, circulatory stimulant and stimulates hair growth. It also used to stimulate appetite, aid digestion, used to treat bowel complaints in children, sores, ulcers and skin problems. It also used for epilepsy, asthma, bronchitis, abdominal disorders, mental retardation etc

It can be used as salad and can be used along with vegetarian dishes. When eaten raw as a salad leaf, it will help maintain youthfulness.
Useful part : The whole plant


padma said...


My younger brother has a slight mental disorder.

May be this would work

Botanical Name :Centella asiatica
English :Gotu kola / Pennywort

Can you tell me how to grow this plant? Do you provide seeds?

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Ravi said...

Nice to see your blog. Very useful.Thank you.

Chris and his Gotu Kola said...

Hello there! I'm growing a couple of Gotu Kola plants in my backyard.

I'm still propagating them although I am planning to throw some leaves into a salad because I've read of the benefits of eating the plant.

Do you have personal experiences related to eating Gotu Kola? And how does it taste? I heard that it tastes awful. Is that true?

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This is interesting because in the country I live we eat the Centella asiatica with green salad, that's perfect if you knew the flavor it gets with this plants.m10m

Anoop.EM said...

Good for brain and heart. I have this herb and propagating