Friday, September 12, 2008

Vasaca small / Malabar nut / Adalodaka

Botanical Name: Adhatoda beddomei
Family : Acanthaceae
English : Vasaca Small / malabar nut

This is an evergreen herb, growing to a height of 80 cms. In Ayurveda the leaves, seeds and the roots are used for treatment of cough, asthma,diseases of eyes, and bleeding diarrhea.The leaves of this plant is bitter.
For coughs, 7 leaves of the plant are boiled in water, strained and mixed with 24 grams of honey. This decoction provides relief. Similarly a confection of Vasaka flowers eaten in doses of 12 grams twice daily relieves cough. About 60 grams of flowers and 180 grams of jaggery should be mixed for preparing this confection.
Intestinal Worms
Its leaves, bark, the root-bark, the fruit and flowers are useful in the removal of intestinal parasites. The decoction of its root and bark in doses of 30 grams twice or thrice a day for 3 days can be given for this purpose. The juice of its fresh leaves can, also be used in doses of a teaspoon thrice a day for 3 days.


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