Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cipadessa baccifera / Kaypanarachi / Indian Neem For Cobra Poison HemiplegiaHemiplegia

Botanical name : Melia orientalis Linn. (Cipadessa baccifera Miq.

Family :Meliaceae
Sanskrit : Vananimbam, Kshudranimba

An evergreen shrub grows up to a height of 3 meters.
It is very good for snake poison, fantastic effect for the treatment of Cobra poison. Drink One ounce of leave juice, and apply paste of leaves in the case of cobra bite. Daily intake of one or two leaves will make a permanent resistance against cobra poison. It is also very good for Hemiplegia (condition in which one-half of a patient's body is paralyzed) , It will dilute the clotted Blood. Intake of half ounce of leave juice in every morning will help Hemiplegia patients to RUN.

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kamagra said...

this can be poison if you combine it with milk so be careful if you use it to cure cobra bites.