Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mukkuti / Biophytum sensitivum / Sikerpud

Botanical Name : Biophytum sensitivum
Family : Oxalidaceae
English : Sikerpud
Malayalam - മുക്കുറ്റി (mukkutti)
Sanskrit - alambusha, jalapushpa, peethapushpa, samanga, krithanjali.
Hindi - lajalu, lajalu, lajjalu, lakhshana, laksmana, zarer.
Tamil - nilaccurunki, tintanali

It is used for stomachache, diabetes . asthma, urinary calculi, wounds, abscesses etc


Dr E S Santhosh Kumar said...

This is not Biophytum sensitivum. It is Biophytum reinwardtii

Dr E S Santhosh Kumar
Tropical Botanic Garden

Anonymous said...

where can i buy a few seeds of Biophytum reinwardtii. I am collecting the different kinds of this specie.I live in Colombia and we can exchange seeds also.
thank you

chinchilla said...

Dear Sr:I have been looking around for Mukkutti seeds, but with no luck.Please help me to get the seeds from this plant, so far you are the only person that i have found in the internet who knows about this seeds.
Thank you very much.
Guido Alvarez

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Exploring Keralite - Fix Pack & Go said...


Mukkutti (Biophytum Sensitivum) :