Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nagalingam / cannon ball tree / Couroupita guianensis

Botanical Name : Couroupita guianensis
Family : Lecythidaceae
Hindi : Nagalinga नागलिंग , Tope gola तोप गोला
Kannada : Lingada mara, Nagalingam
Marathi : Sivalingam
Tamil : நாகலிங்கம் Naagalingam
Malayalam: Nagalingam
Cannon ball flowers are considered of special significance in Buddhist culture in Sri Lanka.
The trees are grown extensively in Shiva temples in India. It is called the 'nagalingam' tree in Tamil. The flowers are called 'Shivalinga flowers', 'Nagalinga Pushpa' in Kannada, 'Nagamalli flowers' or 'Mallikarjuna flowers' in Telugu. It is considered a sacred tree among Hindus because the flower resembles a nagam or a sacred snake on the central large shiva lingam and numerous shivalingams around.


Anonymous said...

Do you have seeds or seedlings for sale for Couroupita guianensis or know where they can be found?

Anonymous said...

we do ave the plants with us

karina said...

These trees are found in the city of Rio de Janeiro Brazil, they are really special,

Susy said...

My parents' neighbor across the street has this tree in their front lawn...constantly shedding the leaves into our yard....saw the weird looking fruits and inquired about the tree and got the name. I haven't seen the flowers yet...the picture looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Susy, can you say the name of the city where the tree you refer to is? I am trying to determine if the tree can grow in southern California. thanks very much. Polly


I just moved to a new flat and from the balcony a few feet away stands this Gigantic tree, everyday many flowers bloom and has many fruits hanging on it. People living nearby said that it takes 15 yrs + for the tree to flower, I feel so lucky that I am soo close, I keep watching the flowers and smell them without plucking them... I am seraching the net for more details of this tree and flower and I happened to come to this site.

Kamagra said...

jajajaja what a funny name for a fruit, I never saw it before, in interesting that some cultures take this as something sacred, but in that part of the world this is totally normal.

Anonymous said...

Mamanikkunnu maha Devi temple, Irkkur, kannur dt..two trees and full of flowers are there